At Shandar, we believe in informing our customers about their products so you know exactly what you are purchasing. Shandar products for your water storage needs are built after extensive designing and experimentation so we could eventually reach a line of products that meet the needs of all our customers ideally. Here are some of the key features of our products:

Unique 4 Layer Design

Our HDPE tanks feature a unique 4 layer design that is meant to provide safe and healthy water storage. This design ensures your water remains safe from dust, debris, bacteria, mold, heat, UV rays, pollution, and other elements that can make water impure. We want to ensure all our customers get to enjoy pure, healthy water.
Built to Last

We know you want water storage tanks that last you a lifetime, so our water tanks are extremely tough and durable, and come with a lifetime guarantee! Once you buy Shandar products, you don’t need anything else for your water storage needs.
Lightweight and Portable

Despite being tough and durable, we still didn’t compromise on the ease and convenience of handling and installing our tanks. Our tanks are lightweight and portable so anyone can easily use them and place them according to their preference.
High Quality Food Grade Materials

A product is only as good as the raw materials used to manufacture it which is why Shandar products are made using only the best materials. We utilize 100% virgin, food grade raw materials to ensure quality and longevity of our products.
Sunlight Proof, Heat Resistant and Heat Reflective

We have gone the extra mile to ensure our water tanks are safe from the dangers of being exposed to sunlight and harmful UV rays. We know that the most common place for installing tanks is on roofs where sunlight is in bundance, so we designed to our tanks to be sunlight proof, heat resistant and heat reflective as well. The outer layer of Shandar tanks is a UV stabilized layer that helps fight off scorching sun beams and keeps your water safe. Moreover, our Heat Reflective Technology (HRT) ensures your water maintains its temperature.
Suitable for All Water Storage Needs

At the end of the day, our focus was to create water tanks that meet the water storage needs of all our customers. Whether you want underground water storage or above ground, Shandar tanks are the best choice for you.
Ensured Prevention of Algae, Bacteria, and Mold

Apart from sunlight and heat, our water tanks are also resistant to algae, bacteria and mold! We use colored layers to increase the opacity of our tanks which eliminates algae formation and keeps your water pure and healthy, always!